False Friends

by Disposable Thumbs

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released November 4, 2008


all rights reserved



Disposable Thumbs Los Angeles, California

Whirs, clicks and choice guitar licks...

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Track Name: Pretty Please
Wake the dead
When the ice melts
Thaw me out tonight
A severed head
Shining wet in the moonlight

Don't stop at the cemetery
'Cause heads are gonna roll
Tonight I cross my arms
Across my heart
They've zip-locked body parts
Heads are gonna roll
They're gonna go on and on

Bodies left in the coldest of places
Pack the ice
Freeze me when I cease to breathe
Pretty please
Track Name: This Sinking Ship
Slow leak of your brother's hovercraft
Bring oil for your sister's hydrofoil
This sinking ship
Radar blip triggers loose lips
Mumbling things
Cabin door
Speak in semaphore

A little sailor suit
You know it's true

Red sky in morning
Your final warning
Track Name: Vizcaya
Mapquest me
A new coordinate
Now it's a long walk
An engine blade
Treat the stream
Endanger everything
Enter the brackish
Song sung in haste

Meet me there
Envelope everything
Responding sirens
Marine escape
After work
Inside a capsule safe
Describe the legless
Sing my escape
Track Name: Bloody Murder
That girl destroyed the mandible
She came in quick
With sticks and stones
I'll break your bones
I'll break them all

Crying at the dial tone
A poison lake
A mobile home
I'll break your bones
I'll break them all

Pick up all the pieces
Put them back together
You look so much better now
Track Name: The Fracture Compounded
Go on and worm your way
Out of the cargo bay
And sail across the Karman Line
We'll never make it there in time

A fiery montage
Transformed the fuselage
Re-entry's tearing us apart
And there's no way on earth to stop

You'll find no sound advice
At the speed of sound
Small step for man
Still a long way down

You seem so elegant
Little C. elegans
Tally ho!
Return home

Small breach of leading edge
Wings collapsing like they're cartilage
I feel the pulling of hull
So gravitational
Now shuttle parts bake in desert sun
Human remains where humans come from

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