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We Watched The Sun Go Supernova

by Disposable Thumbs

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I've got a damaged frontal lobe I wonder if I'm dumber My head is swollen like a globe I'll stay indoors this summer This mind of mine is aching And some would say diseased They say grey is the matter What happened to the fontanelle? I guess it must have hardened I'm suffocating in this shell This is a private party It doesn't matter now I'm sharpening my claws The band-aids and the gauze They do me no good What shade of grey? I've got to know Help me forget about it Or drill a hole right through my skull I feel a little crowded
Soap Lady 03:20
Act like a lady Clean up this town Or rue the day They pulled you up From underground And send me letters Sealed with grave wax Bodies and headers All with perfect syntax This interaction disintegrates That plastic casket Doesn't make your hair look so great So wash my mouth out These dirty words Pull all the stops out Move you to the suburbs Keep it clean Bury me damply Somewhere nearby And maybe one day I'll saponify
Hey, what's your poison? This one tastes a lot like fruit But, we've got so much to do So little time Display your passion Look at me I'll drink it, too And know that I'll be watching you So, take your time Right down the hatch This one's a cinch Don't lose your lunch now, baby You can never go home Hey, this is my town That's why I named it after me We'll call it Jonestown 'til we flee Or take our lives Hey, this is our town Just have your checks made out to me And think how happy we will be Until we die You'll meet your match Or my syringe Tonight we'll sing in shady tongues We'll forget everyone We'll greet the ladies And kill their babies The only thing I ask of you is...
Don't want no bloodbath, baby Don't need no killing spree I'm just in the mood for A little bit of armed robbery We'll burn the mortgage papers We'll set the redneck free Make one false move and I'll shoot you They won't convict me, honey My only crime is charity I'll make you famous I'm the kindest kind if thief Have you met my old lady? We make a splendid team Twenty itchy fingers waiting We don't hate 'em But, we'll shoot 'em If they get in our way Look ma, your son's so undumb I earned the surname Wisdom I'm a good boy Still, I'll shoot you Wish it weren't true But, I'll even shoot you If you get in my way
I woke up in a vacuum Not a cleaner But, one that's full of stars If I could breathe I'd scream your name But, you wouldn't hear me anyway There's no sound in a vacuum I wish I may I wish I might That tomorrow might I see you But, I must admit That it always comes to this I'm second place In the race for space It goes Heavens to Betsy
Girl On Fire 03:06
Yeah, she's so hip She doused herself in kerosene And with a bang Exploded on the fashion scene And every second she's on TV She keeps giving me the third degree Unexpendable trend She's breaking all the rules Then it goes like this... All hail the girl on fire C'mon, c'mon Flame on, flame on I'll be true to you And it's so hard to find The flame retardant clothes And she leaves carbon traces Everywhere she goes Bewitching scent of burning flesh I hope she never extinguishes What a rad fad She's so hot she's cool Then it goes like this...


released November 4, 2005


all rights reserved



Disposable Thumbs Los Angeles, California

Whirs, clicks and choice guitar licks...

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