by Disposable Thumbs

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released July 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Disposable Thumbs Los Angeles, California

Whirs, clicks and choice guitar licks...

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Track Name: Forget What To Wear
Something happened
Something's wrong
I made your name into a song
I swear
Here we go

Stay the execution time
Electricians fixing wires
Fighting forces friendly fires
Tired eyes as we conspire
Thinking it's gone on
Too long this time to care
Forget what to wear

You could save us from this
Such as simple process
We'll forget the rest
Thinking it's gone on too long to care
Track Name: Who Burns Horses
Somebody run
And tell the cops
There's someone
In the general store
Bloody rubber
Black galoshes
Leaving from a scene of gore

You gotta chop the body
Eveready nevermore

Sticky liquid
Pooled in puddles
There's something bloody
On the floor

It's always been about the choices
I'm the kind of guy who burns his horses
Deal with it
Track Name: A Place To Choke
I'm a foreign object
You're pushing me away
I'll kill another day
I can hardly take it

I'm treading water
You pray for tidal waves
I'll suffocate today
Softly how you break me

The way you're talking
Takes oxygen away
It's hard to respirate
And I can hardly take it
Track Name: Yesterday's Best
The truest words that were never spoken
Tried to listen but your voice was breaking up

You fall too far
You fall from anywhere
You fall too far
The call got dropped

Trying hard to make it final
So what?

Yesterday left somebody broken
We spent the evening tying stomachs into knots

That's all you are
That's all for anyone
That's all you are
The blisterpop

You don't talk like anybody
You don't sound like anybody else
Corrupt town with a busy body
You don't sound like anybody else
Track Name: Seven Bitter Needs
Realizing distance
Outside the insects sing
Concentrating on you
Knee-deep in native grasses

You're all around me
Occupying the ether
Under the sunshine
Reaching past state lines

Beneath your summer dress
On top of the softest skin
Dripping with lightning
You and I made
Track Name: A Better Bed
I've got some deprivation
I'm such an imbecile
I'll put you back up
On your pedestal

The taste of medication
You're so mechanical
My crooked thoughts
Are full of chemicals

Feet don't fail me now
Please don't fail me now

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